Unit3—The steps of applying wikis page for writing class

In this unit, learners will be able to:

  • Generate a class wikis page for the writing class and post the helpful information and resources on the page
  • Get to know the procedures of applying wikis for the writing class
  • Analyze the lesson plan


  • Posting some useful links about writing materials and techniques on the class wikis page.
  • Dividing students into some groups.
  • Inviting students to post their ideas about writing topics on wikis page.
  • Giving guidance when students read and edit their peers’ page.
  • Letting group members to review and contribute on the writing work on each other.
  • Comparing the work of different groups.

Question to ask students:Is there anything worthy to learn from other groups?(During the class)

  • Providing some suggestions and ideas about students’ edition work in the writing class.
  • Giving students time and space to think and re--edit their work.


  • Homework for this writing class should be post in wikis page of the class.
  • Students can post notes after editing peer's work.