Learning objective for Unit 1: Gain the idea that what is the Wikis

As recently as ten years ago, it may have seemed like science fiction to imagine collaborative spaces on theInternet. Today, collaborative websites have proliferated: blogs (Blogger), social networking (Facebook orMySpace), image sharing (Flickr and PhotoBucket), video sharing (You-Tube and TeacherTube), open educational resources (OpenCourseWare),and popularity websites (Digg and del.icio.us). Another type is called wiki, wiki, a short form of the Hawaiian word “wiki wiki,” for “fast” or “quick.” It is online computer programming that allows users to easily create, edit, link, and track changes to web pages. Wikis are increasingly used by businesses to provide affordable, effective intranets for knowledge management(Wiki, 2001) and by educators to promote student collaborative learning(Richardson, 2006), through such sites as Wikispace(http://www.wikispaces.com), Peanut Butter Matrix(http://pbwiki.com), and SeedWiki(http://www.seedwiki.com).

Unit1-—Some features of wikis

In this unit, the learners will be able to :

  • Understand the development of wikis
  • Classify the features of wikis


  • Giving the links from which learners can access some scholar’s articles about wikis
  • Introducing some wiki software to learners
  • Inviting learners to share their own experiences in using wikis


Discussion--Is there any difficult problem for you when using the wikis?

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