Upon completion of this unit, the participant will be able to:

  1. Create a WebQuest to use in their classroom.

Creating a Webquest

To create a webquest all you need is a document with hyperlinks. This means you can create a webquest in whatever office document you are most comfortable with; word, PowerPoint and even excel. Once you have your topic and the resources to go along with your topic is it time for you to create activities to go along with both of those things. When you create your activities continue to ask yourself can my students complete the activities using the resources I have given them. If they can, then you are good to go, if not then you need to re-think either the activity or look for new resources.

Once you have these components you are ready to create your first webquest. Click on the following link which is a template you can use to create your webquest. Webquest Template

Here is another example of what a finished webquest looks like, this one goes along with the book The Giver The Giver

  • When creating a webquest you must remember to include how you will be evaluating your students. An easy way to do that is by using a rubric. Click on the following link to read up about rubrics and how to create your own if you to not use them regularly in your classroom. Rubrics

Task for Unit 4

Now that you have a topic, resources for that topic and a guideline on how to create a webquest you may now begin to create a webquest for your classroom. This is your first webquest, so start small. Once you have created the webquest, use it in your classroom. Write down how it went.

  1. Did you plan enough time for the webquest, or did the students finish sooner then you thought.
  2. Did the 'activity' work?
  3. What did your students think about it. Did they find it relevant with what they were learning in class and did they find it easy to complete?


After creating and doing the webquest in your classroom, write down your thoughts on it. Did it goes as you thought? Would you change anything for next time? Would there be a next time? Can you see doing more webquests in your classroom, if no, why?


  • I hope this mini lesson has been helpful to you with learning about webquests and then creating one of your own. Webquests can be quite simple to create, especially with the many resources that can be found on the internet about them. In our ever changing world of technology do not be afraid to try new things in your classroom. I hope this has been a useful lesson for you and that you continue to use webquests throughout your years of teaching!

Congratulations on creating your first webquest!!! Clapping.jpg