UNIT 3: Praticing the Flip!

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Unit Overview

In this Unit, we will learn how to create a video, and share it online. Since there are infinite ways in which this could be done, we just are going to focus on a few. These include options for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. Mac users are able to record video using Quicktime X. Your Mac can record video using the built-in isight camera found on most Macs, as well as record a screen-capture from what's showing on screen. PC users can use Jing to record and share screen-captures using their PCs (Also available for Mac OS). Using ScreenCast, PC users can easily share their Jing videos. Mobile users can use their Android and iOS to record and share their videos online. Using a combination of Apps (Recording App + YouTube App), mobile users can easily create and upload videos, all in one device.

Below are a instructions for video sharing on the most popular platforms:

For Mac Only

1) Using Safari, go to www.youtube.com and sign up for a free youtube account. 2)Launch Quicktime X,

3)Click on File -> New Movie Recording, or File-> New Screen Recording.

4)Press the red "Record" button to begin your recording

5)Press the black "Stop" to end your recording (found towards the top of your screen)

6) Click File-> Save to save your recording

7) Use Safari to visit www.youtube.com

8) Login to your youtube account, and upload your video

For Android

For those wishing to share video using their Android device, see here.

For iOS (iPhone, etc.)

Those wanting to share video via their iOS device, click here.

For Mac/PC

1) Sign up for a ScreenCast account here.

2) Download Jing, and install on your computer. Click here to download.

 (Note: You will be asked for your ScreenCast username/password when first launching Jing)

3) Watch this tutorial on using Jing (created on Windows 7). Click here for video tutorial.

4) Post and share your video using ScreenCast. See here.

Your Task

Now its your turn! Using one of the formats above (Mac, Pc, etc.), sing up for one of the video sharing services, and record/share a video. It's not important what type of video you make, or the content of the video. For this exercise, we are simply learning the steps involved in video sharing. You can create a short ScreenCast with your Mac/PC demonstrating how easy it is upload a Jing, or you can use your iPhone to upload/share a video using your phone's camera/youtube app.

The point is simply to have fun, while learning something along the way. So, have at it!

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