Trevor Barney: Reading Workshop in the Primary Grades

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Reading Workshop in the Primary Grades

Preview: This mini-course will guide you through the reading workshop model, starting with analysis and research and ending with creation of a lesson plan and teaching of that plan.


  • An understanding of the level of reading that is appropriate for primary grade students
  • An ability to find sources for researching topics
  • A class or group to teach a created lesson to (preferably children)

Curriculum Overview and Objectives:

  • Unit 1: Reading Instruction Analysis
  • Unit 2: Researching Reading Instruction
  • Unit 3: Creating Reading Workshop Instruction
  • Unit 4: Using the Reading Workshop Model

Click the link to see the mini-course overview and objectives attached to each lesson! File:Reading Workshop Curriculum Map.pdf

This course provides opportunities for discussion, chart and graph creation, short answer writing, and formation and presentation of a reading lesson plan. Please cite all resources used.

Essential Question: How can the workshop model be used in primary education as an effective form of instruction for teaching reading?

Start Unit 1 by clicking this link: Lesson 1 Analyzing Reading Lessons