The Integration Of Technology In Physical Education


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Needs Assessment

Instructional Problem : Finding new and engaging ways to present colorful, fun and interactive Google slides presentations in the PE classroom. In today's society students are sitting in front of their computer screens for hours on end. Physical education as a whole has suffered greatly via remote learning. Having access to 21st century technology will allow you to as a teacher to revolutionize how you present information to your students. In this mini course you will see various types of ways to incorporate technology in your PE classes as well as your general ed classes.

What Is Being Learned : Viewers will learn how they can integrate various forms of technology in their Google classrooms. This mini course will educate the viewers in learning about different proponents of technology and how to utilize them

About The Learners : This mini course is intended for Physical educators (PK-12). The learners need to have basic knowledge in how to use Google classroom and a general understanding of how to operate technology. This course will dive deeper into technology in education and the proper utilization of each individual entity. Educators will need to have the drive, passion and commitment to learn how to use modern day technology inside of their classrooms.

Instructional Content : This mini course will be organized to help physical education teachers help to take their virtual classrooms into the 21st century. Throughout the course the learner will be provided with video tutorials on how to incorporate technology into your classroom, in addition to articles, and journals which will support this mini course.

Analysis Of Learner And Outcomes

Context for Instruction : This mini course will be available online through KNILT. With that being said the learner will need to have access to a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone in order to view and participate in the course.

Prerequisite Skills

  • Basic understanding of the Google Slides
  • Basic understanding of using Google as an assessment tool
  • Basic understanding of using an iPhone/iPad

Supporting Traits

  • Eagerness to learn and thrive!
  • Not afraid to try new technology driven applications
  • Coming out of your comfort zone

Performance - Based Objectives

  • Building and successfully navigating a Google Slide presentation.
  • The incorporation of various elements of technology inside of a slides presentation to help enhance their lesson for students.
  • The understanding of technology applications outside of Google slides that can enrich their classroom environments.

Learning Units

Unit 1: Google Slides The Basics

Unit #1 Students be understanding how to navigate Google Slides by using very basic features. Students will be shown various ways to create an engaging and colorful Slides presentation that everyone would be proud of!

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will recognize and appreciate how to navigate basic features of Google slides in order to enhance their overall presentation experience.
  • Participants will also recognize and appreciate

Unit 2: Building a Bitmoji Gymnasium

Unit #2 Students will be learning how to build their very own Bitmoji classroom down to the very last detail. Students will also be shown the importance the Bitmoji classroom can have on their overall classroom mood.

Learning Objectives

  • Learners will be shown how to create an interactive classroom environment incorporating their Bitmoji Character
  • How to hyperlink your Bitmoji gymnasium to a your slides presentation
  • Incorporating GIFS in Slides

Unit 3: Assessment Using Google Slides

Unit #3 Students will be seeing the importance of assessment and how they can create their very own assessments using Google Slides or an outside application like Nearpod!

Learning Objectives

  • Learners will be shown how to use Nearpod and how to incorporate it into Google Slides
  • Learners will be shown a variety of ways to assess using Nearpod and Google Slides

Curriculum Map

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