The Engineering Process


Dante Siletti | ETAP 623 Fall 2017 Section 7619

What is this course about?

Hello and welcome to this course about the engineering process. If your interested in strengthening students problem solving skills, then you're in the right place! In completing this course you will learn about how the engineering process can be used to solve problems. When students work through the engineering process they learn how to break down a problem and solve it in a specific manner. This course discusses what the engineering process is and how to use it to solve a problem, and provides example activities designed to strengthen students problem solving skills.

A common misconception about engineering is that it is a topic only for older students, high school or college age. This isn't true. The engineering process can be taught as early as Kindergarten. Practice makes perfect and when students learn problem solving skills at a young age they become better problem solvers later on. Encouraging and fostering students growth in this area will make them more confident learners, willing to attemp new things because if they encounter a problem, they will know how to go about solving it.


There are no prerequisites for this course. We will not be doing any complex math or science problems, rather we'll be focusing on the process of solving problems.

Course Level Objectives

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to...

1.) Identify and sequence, in the correct order, the steps involved in the engineering design process.

2.) Describe what each step in the engineering design process entails.

3.) Correctly define the terms associated with engineering.

4.) Identify skills engineers possess.

5.) Successfully implement an engineering unit in their teaching.

Lb.PNGReady to Begin?Lb.PNG

Unit 1: What do engineers do exactly?

  • Participants will learn about what types of things engineers do as well as the skills engineers posses.

Unit 2: What is the Engineering Process?

  • Participants will take an in depth look at the engineering process as well as define essential vocabulary related to the engineering process.

Unit 3: Example Engineering Unit.

  • Participants will review and possibly implement an engineering unit.