The Benefits of Project Based Learning

Welcome the Project Based Learning assisted by Google Applications!

If you are looking to create a classroom where your students are preparing for their futures, are engaged, and using the skills and knowledge you are teaching in a real life experience you have come to the right place! We are going to walk you through the steps and of Project Based Learning from what it is to how to create a unit of your own and then enhance the experience through Google Applications.

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Lets start by diving into what is Project Based Learning! Click the link below and read the article What is P.B.L.?

If you are a visual or auditory learning click the link below to watch as teachers and principals discuss P.B.L..



Are you still not sure you are interested? Lets review all the benefits by clicking the link below!

As the idea of Project Based Learning is great in theory many styles of teaching promotes higher levels of engagement which educators know is one of the most important aspects of each lesson. So instead of looking at it from only the view of teachers lets see how students feel. Watch two of the videos below to find out!

5th grade science class:

A school dedicated to this work:

A Middle School Classroom:

A High School Classoom:


Project Based Learning does not commonly assess students through multiple choice testing. The main assessments come through discussion, projects,concept maps, written journals and experiences so we will do the same. Your assessments from this course will be created all on one google doc and then submitted at the end. Please go to the link below. There you will need to complete a concept map dedicated to what you find to be the most beneficial aspects to project based learning. You need to include a minimum of four reasons and then be sure to include the why these are your choices. When you have completed the creation of your concept map, screenshot and paste the picture onto a google doc that you will share with me later.