Teaching for Understanding and APPR


Purpose and Introduction

The purpose of this course is of a professional development nature. The issue many educators face today is having to adapt teaching so that student progress is demonstrated in an assessment of Student Learning Objectives (SLO) to satisfy newly adopted teacher evaluation mandates and regulations. This has led to a "teach to the test" type of classroom for many as a necessity. This course will help those teachers produce students who will be successful on assessments and will also have a deep understanding of learned concepts. Classroom.jpg

Course Goals

1. Create an awareness of the Teaching for Understanding framework.

2. Present basic information about new APPR mandates in NYS schools.

3. Offer suggestions on how one can use Teaching for Understanding concepts to improve teaching in a way that will satisfy APPR mandate requirements.

Course Units

Unit 1: Teaching for Understanding

Unit 2: APPR and SLO basics

Unit 3: Putting it all Together

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