Teaching for Understanding 07

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This mini-course has been created with the professional development of currently practicing teachers in mind. It will serve as a refresher course that will introduce, discuss, and employ the concept of teaching for understanding.

By the end of this course, course participants should be able to generate a revised lesson plan in written form from a given lesson plan that exemplifies improvements to the lesson so that student understanding of the target topic is increased. Further, course participants should choose to advocate the teaching for understanding method in discussions with peers.

This mini-course has been designed by Heather Gould, a student in the MS in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology program at the State University of New York at Albany as a final project for ETAP 623 - Systematic Design of Instruction.

To start your course, please follow the link to "UNIT ONE - INTRODUCTION" now. Or, if you have already completed one of the units and left the site, you may move onto the next one from here.

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