Teaching and Assessing for Understanding

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Author:Brooke Hasey

Introduction: I have found it to be frustrating in the last few years of teaching, that everything I teach is to the test. This test, specifically the New York State Regents Exam in English, is a two day test, comprised of four essays and 26 multiple choice questions. We know that we need to be teaching students through experience, but how do we do this in regards to a standardized test?

Course Description: This mini-course will be designed to help writing teachers create lessons to teach for understanding and explore alternative assessments while still involving the state assessment required to graduate from high school.

Course Objectives:

Teachers will gain the knowledge needed to understand why it's important for alternative assessments.

Teachers will understand the importance of continuing to utilize teaching for understanding.

Teachers will be able to use common ideas to apply to their lesson in regards to teaching for understanding.

Teachers will be able to employ traits learned from course into authentic assessments for classroom use.

Teachers will be able to create effective rubrics for use in assessing.

Unit One: The need for assessment to evolve

Unit Two: Creating Effective Assessment

Unit Three: Writing Workshop

Unit Four: E-Portfolio

Unit Five: Rubrics

Extended Resources

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