Talk:Teaching and Assessing for Understanding


Comments from Jianwei -- Jianwei Zhang 14:47, 25 April 2008 (EDT)

Hi Brook. I appreciate that you address a challenging issue through this course. Nice beginning.

1) The long paragraph in unit 1 should be turned into 2-3 paragraphs. People are not used to reading long texts on screen.

2) The way presented your thoughts/contents in unit 1 is a bit "back-and-forth." Standard test-->problems-->alternative, authentic-->problems with high-stake standard test (the two readings). You may want to move the reading earlier, and add a reflection question to it.

3) Each unit page should have link to your homepage.

Review From Valerie:--Val 15:13, 25 April 2008 (EDT)

Hi Brooke- I think you have such a great topic with this course. I just have a bit of constructive feedback. In your course description, I think the last sentence is more of a course description as you have it:

This mini-course will be designed to help other teachers create lessons to teach for understanding and explore alternative assessments while still involving the state assessment required to graduate from high school.

I would put the commentary on this course you have at the beginning into a course introduction section on your main course page- before going into the units. It is great to read the background you provided for why you did this course topic.

I also liked the fact in Unit 1 that you presented both sides of the coin so to speak- positive for high stakes testing and then the site against high stakes testing that suggests other assessment methods are needed. I liked the reflection question and you might want to direct students on where they should write their thoughts. I know it might sound strange but you could say something like "Record your thoughts to the following questions" or something.

I do feel that you set the stage appropriately for the unit 1 objectives. I can't wait to see the rest of the course. You are doing a great job. Thanks and have a great weekend Valerie

--Val 21:20, 27 April 2008 (EDT) Hi Brooke- thanks so much for your comments in the review of my course. I will go back and make those changes you suggested. I will also check yours from time to time and you can do the same for mine- I also really appreciate the info!!! Valerie