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Hi Val,

A very interesting mini-course. Here're some issues you may want to refine:

(a) The link to unit 2 from your unit 3 directs to an unfinished page "Unit 2- Reflect and Analyze Current Practice"

(b) Some of your objectives are activities, instead of what learners will take away: e.g., "Explore examples in the area of formative assessment."

(c) Feedback is an important element, but it is not reflected in your unit 2 examples and your unit 3 plan.

Just some thoughts, Jianwei

-- BAHasey 13:39, 26 April 2008 (EDT)

Hi Valerie!

Thank you for the comments on my wiki. I thought they were very helpful and I will definitely be implementing your ideas into my mini-course. I feel like I need all the feedback on I can get on this, so if in the next couple of weeks you want to pop back over and offer any other insights I would greatly appreciate it!

I like your course introduction a lot. I don't think a lot of people understand what formative assessment is and I thought that you did a great job of introducing the topic. One thing I would do is to give a little hint at what formative assessment is before you get to your first unit, so the student knows what they are getting into. That way, when they begin unit one, they will already have a little bite at what's coming next!

In unit one, maybe you could ask a guiding question when the student is reading the formative assessment article? Sometimes when I read articles for class, it helps me to focus my energies on a specific question that the article will address.

I thought your mini breakdown of the differences in assessment and the types of questions that could be asked was very concise and to the point. I also thought the questions asked at the end helped to bring closure to the unit and also showed understanding of the subject matter before moving on.

Great job!


Re: -- Jz833665 09:02, 14 May 2008 (EDT)