Talk:Using Video Games in the Math Classroom


Excellent Work -- David Shibley (talk) 23:10, 29 November 2015 (EST)

Liked/Works Well

I really liked the different types of media used in the lesson. The TED Talk and Edutopia link both provided some very discussions on gamification. The game Portal 2 I always considered to be a great game, but now I can see it an even better light. The article by Bertozzi also pointed out how students can learn while playing the game. Even if the student does not know the concept, through trial and error they can learn how to problem solve. This to me is critical thinking and something that students should be practicing more in the classroom.

As for your assessment, I find the use of Google Docs is excellent. I myself am using Google Docs in my mini lesson and am trying to incorporate it as much as I can into the project. I find it is the easiest to access and the most can be done with it. I REALLY like your use of Google Slides and I think that is a very strong resource to use in a mini course like this that will tend to be asynchronous in nature.

I also liked your use of different color arrows to designate different parts of the lesson and hope that you use these same colors for the rest of the lessons as it will add a sense of uniformity the course.

Have You Considered?

I like your use of the Google Apps into your lesson. I find them very useful for education and classes like these. One that you may want to try is Google Groups for discussion topics. This can create a discussion board similar to how you are using Google Slides. I am trying it out with my mini course.

Are you going to be providing the classes to try out any online games as part of your lesson. I think that would be a great way to sell your lesson to the audience if they became immersed in the experience. My first lesson is mostly an introduction as well, but later I plan on having the participants in the class share some of their uses of the material I present.