Talk:Unit Three Blooms Taxonomy in Social Studies


Blooms Taxonomy in Social Studies -- Bzalewski (talk) 12:53, 13 April 2020 (EDT)

As a way to establish lines of communication as well as create an interactive learning community we are going to use this page as a place of discussion. There will be two formal discussions, one at the beginning of unit 1 and one at the end of unit 3, and these will help to introduce as well as conclude our learning experience. The goal of Bloom's Taxonomy is to encourage higher-order thought in their students by building up from lower-level cognitive skills. This discussion will look to do very much the same with the unit 1 questions building to the unit 3 question so you can demonstrate your learning and the skills you have developed.

Unit 3

  • How will you apply what you learned in this mini-course into your unit in module 4?
  • Based on what you learned, how would you explain the changes in your knowledge and understanding of educational theory?