Talk:Unit 1: What is ASD and how is it diagnosed?


Instructor Comments on your unit 1 -- Jz833665 15:29, 22 November 2009 (EST)

You're working on a solid and important course. A few suggestions

  • Beginning Activities, Autism KWL Chart . You need to say a few words about what you expect the participants to do.
  • It is often a good idea to post a question or two to guide the watching of a video.
  • A major improvement you can make in unit 1 is to "integrate" and streamline the contents in line with the objectives, so as to create a better pathway of learning through the units. For example, the subheadings on backgrounds and definitions both deal with definitions, I'd suggest that you integrate these into one, OR re-name the two subheadings using more informative titles such as "what is...?" what are the different types...?"
  • When teaching many definitions in one unit, you many want to include specific examples for each, or compare the different types along several dimensions. In brief, you need to design the messages and activities to facilitate understanding and engage the learner.

  • These external links you incorporated in this unit are very helpful. For each long webpage you link to, you may provide a brief highlight or a question to guide the learners' reading. You may also create a better transition between different readings so that the learners understanding how the materials related to one another in working towards a coherent understanding. e.g.,
[ASD Diagnosis Criteria] (Lord 2009)
[Developmental Milestones] (Boyce 2009)