Talk:Unit 1: Understanding what Inquiry Based Learning Is


-- Colleen Bryla 10:18, 25 April 2009 (EDT)

Lindsey -

You're first unit is very thought-provoking and well organized. The activities seem to match the target objective for the most part, it just seems that there is no specific activity to really identify why inquiry-based learning is beneficial. I think even just adding a part in the reflection for learners to write down some ways that inquiry-based learning could be beneficial in their classrooms would link everything together even more. Also, in the reflection part you have to add to the "W" part of the KWL chart, but do you mean the "L" part?

Another idea..., and I was thinking about this for my own project, have you thought about having learners use the discussion feature of this wiki to encourage collaboration? I think that would be a good way for teachers to discuss their concerns and experiences with using inquiry-based learning. Also, they would be exemplifying a main part of productive PBL that the articles discuss!

Lastly, you may want to add a link on to the next unit from the end of a unit for better flow. At first I was confused about how to go on, then I realized I needed to go back to the original page of your project. I see you have a link back to the previous unit, which is useful if a learner wants to review, but I think adding one for the next unit also would be helpful. Also, adding a link on each page back to the class page would help if anyone gets lost!

Good start and I'm looking forward to completing the rest of your project since I am a science teacher and want to do more inquiry-styled projects!

Colleen B.

Thanks for your input. I certainly will suggest that if you are taking this course with a group that the discussion page can allow you to bounce ideas of each other and discuss experiences. The WISE website that we did a case study on struck me as being the epitome of inquiry (obviously) and although it is web based, it still can give an idea of what inquiry is and how students should be working in it. Also I have a set of lessons about an acid/ base inquiry you think it would be beneficial to post that?
I will work on getting the units more organized. Did you get a change to look at my curriculum map? That is one thing I feel like I may need to revise.


Lindsey -

I took another look at your curriculum map and thought it looked great - very organized and clear. The only suggestion I would make that was always drilled to me would be to make sure that the objective descriptors are words that can be "seen." I know I don't always adhere to this idea, but making each objective measurable is the goal of using distinct words. For instance, by including "Understand" in objectives, how will you know and measure when this understanding has occurred? I know I am still trying to master this task and don't always succeed, but that is one concept I try to keep in mind!

I would definitely include the additional acid/base unit you have for additional resources. It would surely help learners to see more examples of inquiry.

Thank you for your feedback as well. In the third unit, I will be having students use their own data to perform a method of data analysis on paper for a more personalized production of an artifact. I will also utilize the discussion function for an interactive aspect to the course. Thank you!