Talk:Unit 1: Current Classroom Practices


-- Melissa Filotas 22:54, 5 May 2010 (EDT)

After reviewing your course so far, I believe that this could benefit all teachers, not just foreign language teachers! Since many teachers are overwhelmed with the new 21st century teaching methods, this course provides a starting point that is relatively easy for instructors. The videos are very effective in informing teachers that the classrooms of today need to be revamped to include the digital mediums that the students are using everyday, outside of school. The second video portrays elementary and high school students using technology which emphasizes the fact that students from the earliest grades need to be involved in a technology-based curriculum. So far, I do not see any major problems with the course. In unit one, you provide some quotes with citations, but I do not see a reference page. I know this is probably going to be added, but I just thought I would remind you. I especially like that you provide many links to resources for teachers to utilize immediately in the classroom. Great job!! :)