Talk:Understanding Learning Disabilities and the Learning Disabled


Instructor Comments on your course -- Jz833665 10:47, 20 November 2009 (EST)

WOW! What a solid and well thought out course! I'm very impressed!

I know that you are eager to make it even better, and here are a few ideas I have:

  1. Overall, your pages are a bit text-heavy. Think about strategies to help the participants to read less but engage more (at least make them feel as if they are reading less). e.g. you may differentiate basic/core readings/texts (for all teachers) and extended readings/information (for those who want more). You may better interweave reading and questions/videos in each unit.
  2. Your introduction page can be more engaging and shorter. This is not a place/time for your to get across a lot of information, but to orient, engage, motivate and anchor learning and thinking. Instead of beginning with form and tedious definitions, you may think about beginning with a story/case/challenging problem that helps the participants to understand the context and needs of understanding LD in classroom. This story can be revisited after they have read something in unit 1 or 2. One of your videos posted in unit 2-3 can be used for this purpose.
  3. You use KWL chart in a nice way across the course. You may think about making each of your questions a sub-heading (using double === )
  4. Think about whether for some of the videos/readings the questions can be moved forward, so that the viewing/reading can be more purposeful.

Again, great work.

-- Kelly Geddes 16:42, 26 November 2009 (EST)


You mentioned in your e-mail that you had difficulty shorting your introduction. One thing I did is I linked all of the Task Analysis/ICM parts to my portfolio and only included a brief intro paragraph and an overview of the units. This might help with some of the length.

I also enjoyed the picture and caption -- it really captured my attention. The paragraphs to follow help draw me in to what will be discussed.

Great opener!


Elise, Great topic! -- Sandy Feocco 20:10, 29 November 2009 (EST)

Elise, I think you have chosen a great topic. Learning Disabilities are in large number and many people including teachers need to understand more about this topic.

I like the introduction with the picture and question asking which child has LD. This visual along with you question instantly make a sound point....Learning Differences are not that easy to "see". Excellent strategy!

  • A suggestion.../ once I was engaged, I felt like I wanted more immediate facts that would keep me engaged other thatn the video. Perhaps quick quotes that prefaced the video?

I like how you provide videos for further explanation.

  • A suggestion I have.../it would be a great if you could provide an activity that would allow the viewer to try something that would similate how a LD student would perceive it, much like the video did with the picture of the cow. I was at a conference once and had to read words that had d, p, g, and b all mixed up. It was to show how hard it is for LD students to read as these letters are similar just positioneed different. That activity grabbed me and really gave me a clear and personal understanding of the troubles associated with LD's. I think less videos and more activities might be a bit more engaging.

I like how you "bolded" the main point in your paragraphs offer the reader to just look there is they wanted a quick version.

I like how you provided questions to think about before and after the videos. That is a great technique...think I'll use that in mine also:).

  • Another suggestion would be to provide "other links/resources" for parents, students and teachers.

Overall I think it's well done and you put alot of effort and thought into a very important topic. Great job!!!I'll check back:) Sandy