Talk:US History Through Digital Storybooks


Instructor Comments on your analyses -- Jz833665 20:47, 25 March 2010 (EDT)


You're working on a very interesting design case. I have a sense that digital story creation will be a good tool for your class. A few suggestions:

1)Although you will need to cover what the curriculum requires, this project does not necessarily report everything. Depending on your time, you may selectively focus on a few specific topics and sessions that can best demonstrate the use of digital storytelling for deep understanding of history.

2)As you work on the specific objectives, you may clarify what the "big ideas" you expect the students to get and focus on, and think about what pedagogical model/design you will use, how the digital storytelling and related activities will fit with this overall model/design in supporting the achievement of the objectives.

Catch up with the schedule and I'm looking forward to reading your further work.

Instructor's comment on your lessons -- Jz833665 13:52, 30 April 2010 (EDT)

Wow! This is a very interesting and well thought out inquiry project using digital storytelling. Great work! A few ideas/comments to share with you as you refine your design.

  • Creating a story/movie is very engaging to students. As you know, storytelling is only a tool/mean that serves the goal of learning. You have shown this in your analysis; but I think you could make it even clear to the students (e.g., lesson 1 and throughout) that their goal is to develop, deepen, and demonstrate their understanding of history, and creating a nice-looking fun movie is not the key part of this project. In inquiry projects, students often enjoy doing, but not learning and understanding through what they do.
  • Are you creating and using a rubric to evaluate the movies. If yes, you may make the understanding aspects a major part of the grading.
  • In each lesson or for the project as a whole, you may identify the possible challenges and the role/strategies of the teacher in dealing with them. This will ease the adopt of this lesson design by others.
  • Your ICM is not a ICM as Gagne defines it. It currently shows the steps of the project instead of the sequencing and progression building on of learning objectives and corresponding contents.

Again, great work.