Talk:UNIT 1 Forms of Technology in PE


-- Amanda Moore (talk) 19:29, 25 April 2013 (EDT)

Hey William!

  I really like the idea for your mini-course.  I must admit that I fall into the category of people who view the special area classes as static and unchangeable, but I now see this field differently.  I didn't realize the different types of technology that are available for P.E. teachers to integrate into their curriculum.  I think this is partly because these technology forms are different than the typical iPad or SMARTBoard.  Besides the idea, one of the things I really liked about this first unit is the choice you made to showcase different types of technology ranging in all budgets, as this directly impacts the type and amount of technology instructors are able to utilize. 
  While I am very intrigued by your mini-course idea and am interested in seeing how the course develops, one suggestion I might make is to integrate some type of interaction.  Right now, the participants only read about these forms of technology.  You might consider integrating some form of interaction to motivate participants, as well as reach out to a different type of learner.  A simple way that you might integrate interaction is to add a discussion question (ex: after reading about new forms of technology, how do you see yourself utilizing these forms?  Or, in addition to these forms of technology, what else do you already use in your instruction).  A second way to add interaction, although probably more time consuming on your part, is to show the results of these technologies.  For example, you mention that the heart rate monitor and video software both provide some type of data that can be analyzed and communicated to students.  It might be a motivating activity if you somehow include samples of the data and have participants analyze it and share what they might do with the data, had they had it available to them in their lesson. 
  Good luck!