Talk:Terrance Richards portfolio


-- Shauna Caroselli (talk) 16:45, 13 April 2014 (EDT)


1) I really like where your course is headed. You have a good concept here that is important in teaching. I also like the Exercise that you included in your intro page. It is a great activity to open up your course. Also, in your lesson, you have some great focus questions. It also seems that you have a plan of action in mind and you know where you are heading in designing your course and what you need to do. (I'm assuming you are planning on adding more to your first lesson, as am I).

2) Have you considered rereading what you have so far? It all looks good, I just noticed some minor spelling mistakes and consistency issues (like putting a "." after each numbered item instead of just the first few). Also, I have had the same 2 problems in my own unit. Putting a picture on here can be tricky, but I noticed in your exercise link, the pictures are there, but they are not big enough to read. I am not sure if I am clicking the wrong link, but it is too small to read in order to answer your corresponding questions. Also, the link at the top of your pages goes to ETAP 623 for Fall 2012 instead of Spring 2014. No worries, I did the same thing. We probably copied and pasted without changed the semester. But everything else looks good with what you have so far! Keep up the good work!