Talk:Teaching to Multiple Intelligences


Create a new page for each unit -- Jianwei Zhang 09:34, 25 April 2008 (EDT)

David, you may want to create a new page for each unit so that your home/front page will only contain a course description + index of the units.

As well, re. your objectives:

- Understand the use of multiple intelligences in the classroom.
- Evaluate students' learning preferances
- Apply teaching strategies to enhance multiple intelligences
- Create a cross curricular project 

Thinking about the needs of the potential users of your course, I think it is important to help them understand what MI is and the implications ("then what") for classroom change. I guess your first (and second?) objective is to address the "what," and the rest to address "then what." Is this the sequence/flow embedded in your course.

At least at the surface level, I'm not quite clear about the role of the fourth objective. Is it addressing a particular teaching strategy, following your unit 3?

Overall, I think that your course can be more focused. Try to focus on the what and then what.

Evaluation -- Ahubbs 16:26, 26 April 2008 (EDT)

Hi Dave...

I have been looking at your mini-course and it looks good so far! I looked at the criteria Jianwei gave us for the project to evaluate it so Instructional sequencing I will just break it down like he did:

Portfolio - everything was there except I couldn't find the instructional map. Also, I haven't done this part either - but I'm not sure if we have to break down our pre-requisites for the learning objectives into enabling and supportive objectives. You did a nice job explaining your assessment and needs assessment.

Course: I looked Unit 2 on Identifying Learning Preferences

1. Learning objectives - objectives have been identified and are related to the topic and were not covering too much - it seems just right.

2. Content-Goal consistency - Although I can't view all of the units yet, it seems that the topics of the unit will be effective in reaching the learning objectives since each lesson focuses on one of the learning objectives.

3. Instructional Sequencing - everything seems in order to me! I liked how in Unit 2 you had the learner take the learning perference test and then reflect in a journal entry how they think that knowing their learning style can help them as a learner or a teacher.

4. Engagement and Interaction - I loved how you asked questions throughout the unit. It kept me engaged and kept me want to keep reading. After you read a question it can really spark your interest so I thought this was great.

5. Technical quality - text, headings, and pictures were good. The only thing I would suggest is that at the end of each unit you have a link back to the course and to the next unit. That way the learner can just move on or go back to the homepage and then move on to the next unit. Also, this was just a typo - but under performance objectives you wrote preferance as opposed to preference.

6. Extended resources - you used good resources during your unit and I loved taking the learning preference test. I think I'm a mixture of a kinesthetic and visual learner. Chances are most of our students are a nice mix of learning styles just like I feel I am, so the topic of your course was a great choice!

Just as a side note - I really liked your learning journal question at the end of the second unit because it helps to internalize the information and help the learner realize how what they are learning can really help them as an educator.

I e-mailed you at your albany address and I'm not sure if you got it, but I will hopefully have my sample unit done soon for evaluation. Great job so far.