Talk:Teaching Problem Solving in Algebra using the Graphing Calculator


Introduction: I love the visual cartoon that you use to get users interested in what your mini course will offer. I think it is a visual that many math teachers can relate to. I also liked that you used Buddy to help introduce the course. I thought Buddy was going to offer more of an outline on what the course would entail. He did a great job reading the introduction, I just thought he was going to say more about where the mini course was headed.

The first lesson was a great introduction to get the user interested in the class and begin the debate on calculator use in Algebra. It is certainly a topic that math teachers all have an opinion on and causes great discussion in department meetings. The second lesson really helps get the user involved in what the course is all about. I think you could provide more guidance in the user creating their goals for this mini-course. It is a very simple task: state your goals for this course - but what exactly are you looking for in that task? What should those goals focus on? Are my goals aligned with the goals of the class? It might be a good place to readdress the goals of the course to help get the user thinking about what their individual goals may be.