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Hi Scott, that is a funny picture!!

Yes! Thanks for adding that pic...I needed the laugh! (Your project is really coming along nicely-I'm struggling with needs assessment....) ~Anne

Hi Scott. It is a really funny picture. I hope there are not many bad designs like this used in our school systems without even knowing they are bad. I haven't ever heard that some schools "call back" their educational products/programs. There is news like some school is closed because its heating or cooling system fails to work; not such news as the school is closed because its curriculum fails to work.

Re. your project proposal, it looks great, and you are using wiki in a very effective way! Online and distance learning is a good and rich topic. My only concern is that you need to narrow down to a specific theme/issue, e.g., enhancing self-regulated learning online, facilitating online discussions, evaluating online learning, designing an online learning course, etc. --Jianwei

4-21-08 Scott,

I love your one student name, Napoleon Dynamite. My sister is a big fan of that movie!! It is pretty funny!

Your idea is great. You may want to add some images to give it a bit of color. Maybe on the Tale of Two Students page, add an image of a computer lab. Another suggestion is maybe label the questions as either Questions or Activities and under the last section where they review their answers, label that area Reflection.

I love the image on your Introduction/Welcome page. I noticed that you are still working on your other units. When you start to add more information, let me know and I will take a look at it. I am finished with my first unit. I am working on the rest of the units.

Overall, great job!

Jen B. P.S. Don't forget to add your name/page link under Index of Courses on the Main page.



Thank you for the feedback. I have incorporated your suggestions. I am still working on the pictures. The site can now be accessed from the "Index of Courses."


Nice design -- Jianwei Zhang 14:11, 25 April 2008 (EDT)

Hi Scott. I like your design a lot. Nice flow of learning. The case study in the beginning really helps to anchor this course. One suggestion is that you may want to re-tailor the questions you asked the participants to reflect on after the SRL questionnaire is complemented. These questions need to focus more on the major aspects of SRL and how relevant/important these aspects are to classroom practice (less about how good they are), so to make a nice transition to the reading of the SRL research.

Another suggestion is about the navigation. These 10 pages should be clustered into units, e.g., tale, scale, research, strategies, resources. There should be an index/outline in your homepage. In your current format, I need to go through 9 pages if I want to see your reference list.

Re: Nice design -- Scott 623 16:47, 27 April 2008 (EDT)

Thank you for the helpful comments. I have incorporated your suggestions. My new course may be accessed from the "Index of Courses".