Talk:Samantha Hallenbeck: Resume Writing


Developmental Try-out Feedback


I wish there was a course like this for me to take when I graduated from college! I believe you’ve selected a topic that is much needed, therefore, it will definitely have appeal to learners. You set a clear purpose with objectives, so as the learner, I was very sure of what I was supposed to get out of each of your lessons. I also thought the resources you selected were meaningful and well sequenced. The videos help to make this concept more visual. Also, your guiding questions for the discussions really require the learner to internalize the information so that they can later apply it themselves. One activity that I especially loved was the collection of sample resumes to analyze. In a way, you are putting your learners in the “employer’s” seat rather than the applicant’s seat. You give them the opportunity to evaluate resumes for their effectiveness, thus showing them what employers do. By having that perspective, I believe they will be more in tune with creating their own resume.

I noticed that in your first unit, you direct your learners to links on the side of the website to explore for more information. Have you considered making those links (that you feel are MOST important for the learner) part of the unit? One suggestion could be to jigsaw the information. You could group the students (or individuals) and assign them a specific link to explore. Then, they could report back using padlet where they could list the 3-4 key details from that link to share with the class. You could use this as a formative assessment to see what information they are finding most important at that time, and give feedback as to whether or not the information they posted reflects key concepts discussed in the other lessons.

Overall, I found your course so far to be very easy to access, clear, and appealing. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or if there was something specific you wanted me to give you feedback on that I may not have touched on. You're off to a great start and I am excited to see the finished product!