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Hi Sal,

I really like your lesson plans they sound as if they would have worked for me at that age level. Your ICM ideas are progressing, I see; would you like me to enter them into a more visual format? The Inspiration software free download is easier than you might think to learn how to use; I am a spatial (rather than rhythmic!) learner so I know it would help me a lot to see how you've REALLY intended them to break down ( somehow I suspect they're not as linear as they appear =) ). Jay presented her entire lesson with subheadings- 1.1, 1,2, 1.2.1,, etc., which provides my linguistic intelligence with a framework which is more detailed as well...

If you view others' ICM, you'll see a wide variety- please let me know if you can view mine I'm now hopeful our electronic collaboration is miscible- please let me know if it isn't!


Good direction -- Jz833665 10:40, 8 March 2009 (EDT)

Thank you.


Your work is headed towards a productive direction. Please read General_Suggestions_and_Feedback which includes suggestions on creating instructional case reports.

One particular issue you need to make clear to yourself and the users: Why is multiple intelligence theory a productive framework for this lesson topic and how will this theory be applied.

Re. objectives and ICM -- Jianwei Zhang 10:33, 29 March 2009 (EDT)

Nice progress in this design project. Three thoughts to share with you:

(a) Your current ICM lists:

Instructional Curriculum Map
In what sequence should the material be presented:
Lesson 1: Demonstrate knowledge of note values.
Lesson 2: Perform quarter notes.
Lesson 3: Perform Quarter rests.
Lesson 4: Perform eighth notes.
Lesson 5: Perform combonations of quarter notes, quarter rests, and two eighth notes.
Lesson 6: Demonstrate knowledge of the concept of measures.
Lesson 7: Write various rhythms containing all known note values.
Lesson 8: Social Issues, Explain how music is a part of your life. Examples Parties, weddings, sporting events, ect. 

I'm not sure: do you think it is proper and necessary to address each learning objective though a full unit? As well, the goal of producing this instructional case study is to demonstrate how MI theory can be used to guide music education design. So your lesson plan don't have to be comprehensive. For example, if lessons 2-4 will be using a similar classroom design showing a particular way of using MI theory, you don't need to write each lesson out.

(b) The following objectives should be elaborated further: "Demonstrate knowledge of note values" "Perform quarter notes" how, in what ways?

(c) What are the specific principles of MI theory you're using to guide this instructional case development?

= Re Comments

After comparing my ICM to my lessons the objective for lesson one is more of the overall goal of the unit. Please note that some of my lessons overlap however they use a different MI to accomplish the learnig objective.


Lesson 1: Perform rhythmic phrases containing quarter notes, quarter rests by using body movements and classroom instruments.

Lesson 2: Perform rhythmic phrases containing half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes on mallet instruments and singing.

Lesson 3: Perform rhythmic phrases containing half notes, quarter notes and whole notes by clapping.

Lesson 4: Perform rhythmic phrases containing half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and sing on pitch a melody that goes up, down and stays the same.

Lesson 5: Write rhythmic phrases containing all known notes including half rests and whole rests, demonstrate the concept of measures.

Lesson 6: Social Issues, explain how music is part of their life. Examples: parties, weddings, sporting events, ect. (this is more of a student reflection and disscussion on the influence of music and not scripted lesson)

The principle that I am focusing on is the idea that MI presents a diverse curriculum that promotes an in depth understaning of the material by providing lessons that engage the students in their optimum learning environment. Multiple intelligence, in essence, is a talent that a person has and excels in. Howard Gardner defines this talent or intelligence as "the ability to solve problems of to fashion products..." My lessons provide students with a means to develop their own MI and they aid in the transfer of knowledge. One of the most important pinciples of MI is it's ability to motivate students to participate in the learning environment. In addition to my musical objectives I have designed my lessons to reinforce some aspect of classroom content.

I have choosen to write all my lessons out because MI is something I have wanted to incorporate into my classroom. I want to write somthing I will use.

Alright Sal!

You're almost there, so don't worry about the volume of comments I include here. Most of what you need to do involves simple formatting, typo correction, and clarification.

Your work is almost done!

Most of the typos may be corrected by your word processing system- if you copy & paste them into that, the grammatical/spelling (mostly typo) errors will be highlighted, and you may correct them there, and copy them back into the wiki project.

If you do them one screen at a time, it's easier than trying to copy & paste several screens at once (that gets confusing). Also, then you have a backup, in case some maniac goes into your site & accidentally deletes the entire page. If you haven't worked with DOS, you may not believe me, but it doesn't take too many key strokes to go really, really, irreversibly wrong...

OK so here's the main point: check out some of the other sites of our classmates. It's pretty simple to put each lesson unit on it's own page- and it will make each of your lesson units fit on a single screen (mostly). You don't need to write any more; it's merely cutting, copying, & pasting. It then becomes easier to read, view, & organize from your own end.

Finally- put in some hyperlinks to navigate around. Wiki makes it REALLY easy- unless, you're accustomed to making html (web) pages- when the simplicity of wiki is a bit constraining. Check out my project to see- every page has a link to the EK main page (for no good reason), EK portfolio, and EACH of the separate unit pages, AS WELL AS THE COMMUNITY PAGE. I cannot emphasize enough the ability to return to wherever you came from, without using that pesky back button; most of the counts indicating times a page has been visited are back-ups, attempting to regain wherever we previously were. You'll see!

Your content is VERY good, my only comments here are about presentation. Obviously, I'll be online for a bit longer today ;) , so get back to me if you would like more feedback. Check out Jim Ranni's site for a bit of R&R- he's on our side, and also working. Have you checked out Kristina's lately? You may want to incorporate a similar graphics 'theme"; check out www.altavista/images or any of the other freebie sites I've got listed for those visual/spatial (rather than textual) learners....

Don't forget to take breaks, eat, and otherwise enjoy a beautiful weekend.

keep up your spirits & the good work!


PS also posted to your email in BlackBoard, in case you check that sooner =)