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initial feedback -- Janewilde (talk) 19:54, 12 March 2013 (EDT)

Brian, You are off to a terrific start. Your excitement and passion come through! Keep in mind that you will be creating a fully online mini-course here on the wiki. Does that mean you will need to adapt your design? It will be great if you can use what you produce here for the audience you describe. If you need to see some other strong portfolios to get ideas take a look at Claire's, Lyndsay's and Dwayne's needs analyses. Alysha provides a good example of performance objectives.


Week 10 Comments -- Claire Miller (talk) 17:02, 3 April 2013 (EDT)

Hi Brian, Cool topic. I would definitely take a course like the one you're proposing if it were offered at my job with relevance to the kinds of resources I need to use. I've not yet seen the topic anywhere on the wiki, so you're obviously doing something really creative here.

I struggled with the task analysis portion of the weekly tasks we've had to perform, and I saw the perfect start for yours with a sentence you wrote in your Intent of Project section. You write: "{My goal is for] teachers to be able to locate and utilize all of the state resources to create spiraled common core ELA lessons." I don't know if you want/need suggestions for task analysis, but since Jane wants us to try contributing to each others' portfolios this week, here is a quick suggestion you can take or leave at your convenience. :)

I would take that goal and break it out into super simple performance outcomes - "teachers will be able to locate resources" and "teachers will be able to utilize state resources" and "teachers will be able to create spiraled common core ELA lessons." (Looking at this, you may decide to pare down your content a little, b/c that's a lot to cover, but up to you, of course).

Once you decide which, if not all of those, you will keep and focus on in your course, you could break them down even further. For example, to break down "Teachers will be able to locate resources" you might say a prerequisite to that "skill" or outcome would be "teachers will be provided a set of resources" and/or "teachers will learn the basics of search/locate functions within a set of resources" and/or "teachers will develop basic/advanced information literacy skills." You get my drift.

Let me sound the refrain that I really don't mean to be directive here - I just hope this helps and I know how much difficulty I had with task analysis in my own wiki. I think it's because I was looking too hard at the content and not seeing the simplicity that I needed to see in order to break things down into these little, seemingly unimportant chunks.

Anyway - good luck! - claire

Next steps -- Janewilde (talk) 09:54, 5 April 2013 (EDT)

Hey Brian, Your instructional design is coming together nicely. Your objectives are excellent. Just a thought, they are all about "how to" effectively make an ebook. Will you want them to know why they are choosing to do an ebook (intellectual and attitudinal from Gagne's outcome types)? Let me know if you need help on the task analysis and curriculum map, I don't want you to fall far behind.


Re: Next steps -- Brian VanGorder (talk) 17:51, 6 April 2013 (EDT)

I FINALLY figured out where these comments were being posted. I was feeling a bit lost and undirected. I'm glad I found your comments because they have given me renewed spirit to work on my mini-course. I may need help with the curr. map bu I think I can manage the task analysis. Now that I have some feedback from you and others I feel that I will get more done in the near future.