Talk:Promoting Reading Comprehension in the Early Grades


Instructor feedback on your mini-course -- Jz833665 12:02, 22 April 2010 (EDT)

Melissa, I'm very impressed by the units you've drafted: well structured and focused, informative, and easy to navigate. Excellent work!

A few suggestions:

  • I guess that you're working on this: you can use your front page to motivate the participants, guide their attention, and provide an "organizer" to help them understand the flow of this mini-course. To motivate them and connect to practice, you may use a specific story/example/challenge as an "anchor," to connect the reading strategies to problem situations that teachers need to deal with in their practice and show how this mini-course can help them.
  • Each of your unit follows a similar route of learning: information --> example--> do--> reflect. You may think about if in some of the units you can modify this route a bit to engage deeper thinking and learning, such as:
    • providing the example early so that the participate can have something specific to think about before/as they read;
    • present the task of doing something in the beginning, with the information (procedures) and examples supporting them thinking about how to do it.

Please read the following too: