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-- Brittany Zadrozinski (talk) 18:41, 22 April 2013 (EDT)

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Name: Sarah Morehouse

Unit: 1 - Making Social Networking Accounts

Date: April 23, 2013

Time: 10:04pm

Your unit objectives were clear and performance oriented, but I think they would be better if you dropped "learn how to" and focused on the action verbs.

The videos were long and dull for such basic content. It would be better if you could find or make some that were shorter and more to the point.

The instructional sequencing made sense and was clear. No concepts were introduced before necessary prerequisites.

The technical quality was fine.

There weren't any recommended resources, so you should probably add some. Make sure to say why you are recommending them, what they are good for.

Engagement and interaction - I think this is where you need to focus, because the discussion questions weren't open and generative enough. In other words, they didn't give me a chance to SAY anything much. They also didn't give me an opportunity to show you that I'd learned new information, skills, and attitudes. They were the kinds of questions you might ask to keep students busy, or to give you a way to check and see whether we'd gone and created the accounts like you'd asked.

The Expectations While Posting section was an area where I think your unit has a lot of potential, if you work hard to expand on and deepen it. This section is where you may bee able to take this unit beyond just being a framework for the two "how to" videos, and connect social media with teaching/pedagogical goals and methods.

Suggestion: create a dummy Facebook or Twitter account and create some lessons or learning materials or whatever, all to be a concrete, specific example of what you are talking about.

Name: Amanda Unit: 1 Date: April 24 Time: 7:45 pm

Hi Brittany,

 What a brave topic, definitely one I think educators would have strong opinions about! I think Unit 1 has the potential for some very engaging content that is motivating and interesting to participants. 
   I agree with Sarah that the unit objectives were clear and direct. Although the objectives are clear, I think it might be beneficial to provide participants with examples of what class Facebook and Twitter accounts look like.  I myself have never seen either social networks used for classroom purposes and would have a tough time imagining what my class Facebook page would look like and how it might function.  If examples of pages are not available, you might consider giving guidelines or suggestions of what should be included on a class Facebook page.
 Another area of the course that I might suggest developing further is the discussion area.  While the question is open-ended, I think it is too open-ended and it makes it difficult to respond in a focused way.  I think the Expectations while posting attempts to focus the question more, but may make the question to narrow.  For example, when you say give specific examples and list "It was challenging when..." narrows down the response to only challenges experienced while creating the account.  One last thought I had while previewing Unit 1 is that since this is a course on how to utilize this technology in the classroom, I would suggest adding this aspect to the discussion space.

Good Luck!


Jeanne's Developmental Tryout of Brittany's Mini Course: review of Mini Course -- Jeanne M. Weber (talk) 10:02, 1 May 2013 (EDT) -- Jeanne M. Weber (talk) 10:02, 1 May 2013 (EDT)

NOTE: I posted my review/suggestions for your Design Portfolio page on the discussion page of the Design Portfolio page.


  • Brittany, after reading over the agenda and evaluation criteria provided, here are my comments specifically regarding the Mini-course page. The concept is sound and the main page is clear and well-laid out. I believe that teachers would benefit from a better understanding social media in the context of collaborative education, and would find enthusiastic students if they chose to incorporate a social-media style collaboration tool.

Below are some specific concerns that you may want to consider reviewing and editing.

Review of Main course page

I agree with your other classmates suggestions above, and in addition I have the following thoughts:

  • This is the page where prospective participants will look to decide if they want to take this course – Though the objectives are clear, I wonder how you might 'invite' them to try?

Review of Unit 1

  • Concern: I am not certain that simply setting up and discussing setting up FB & Twitter accounts would constitute a “Unit”. A lesson, OK, but Unit?
  • Or, having them brainstorm all the initial impressions they have of FB & Twitter and how that could impact effective implementation.
  • Another concern: Thinking of accommodations – Like myself, for those participant who are already using social media for themselves personally, I already have FB and Twitter accounts, therefore, Unit 1 as it stands will be redundant for me. What other ideas could you incorporate for those of us who are trying to get a better picture of how this could work?

I hope this information is helpful to you.


Instructor feedback on your draft unit -- Jianwei Zhang (talk) 23:51, 2 May 2013 (EDT)

Nice work drafting these units. To further refine your unit 1, you may add a few words about each reading/video to guide the learners' attention. Also, your discussion question list can be shortened: this unit focuses on procedural skills, which may not need a lot of discussion. The discussion can focus on the nature and potential of social networking.