Talk:Lu Gao


-- Shirleyjin1206 (talk) 23:57, 1 May 2016 (EDT)

I personally think this is a great mini-course topic to make more high school teachers acquire the knowledge and skill to apply Web 2.0 tools to facilitate their instructions. Your portfolio page is well designed. I see it comprehensive with each section having precise and coherent elaboration. You course outcomes, performance-based object, task analysis, and curriculum map are indeed coherent, which shows a clear organization of your mini-course.

I especially like the introduction page of your mini-course as it provides a foreseeing of the course and clear objectives and format again.

Your Unit 1 has a clear outline of what you want leaners to know. Here are some personal feedbacks on this unit:

(1) I realized that the video in the mini-lecture was made in 2007. I am wondering if you can find most recent videos to help learners have a general idea of what Web 2.0 is in current lives, as I believe the features of Web 2.0 have changed drastically within the last 9 years.

(2) I really love the picture in the discussion part to help learners have a visual distinction of Web 1.0 and 2.0. However, you might want to move the pic to the mini-course so that learners can connect whatever videos watched with the pic. By saying that, I have to admit that the table you prepared looks like a great guideline for learners to work upon. J I am wondering if you would invite students to post their answers to a blog to share their ideas? Is this unit totally learned individually or possibly collaboratively?

(3) Have you thought about the way to wrap up this unit and possibly, in a way, direct learners to the next unit? If you are doing a shared discussion online, you could wrap up the unit by asking each learner to comment on two other learners on a blog/wiki-based knowledge sharing platform, maybe?

(4) I also realized that you need to add hyperlinks on “Lu’s mini course” page to link learners back to either your portfolio page or Unit 1. Likewise, you should add hyperlinks on Unit 1 to lead learners either back to portfolio page or Unit 2.

In general, as I said, this is a great topic choice and a great design of a mini-course. I look forward to the rest of your units especially the ones you will apply Web 2.0 features to classroom teaching and learning. J