Talk:Literacy in the 21st Century Foreign Language Classroom


Developmental Tryout -- Mcrowley (talk) 16:49, 21 November 2016 (EST)

Hi Shannen,

So far this unit looks great, I like that everything looks very organized, it is easy on the eyes to enter into this mini course. I liked the presentation that started off Unit 1, I think it was a great idea to have your learners view this before beginning the first lesson. It was very easy to click through the link to get to the different methods. I am sure this is because you are still working on Unit 1, but the only method that had a link that worked was “Turn and Talk”. Have you considered maybe adding some pictures or clip art, something to jazz it up. I know it sounds silly, but it may be appealing to some of your learners. It was simple and easy to click the back bar when navigating through the hyperlinks, just a suggestion to have a link that goes back to Unit 1 as well as on to which ever comes next, lesson 2 or unit 2, not sure. Otherwise I think this mini course is looking amazing and it is very interesting to me as well as I do not know much about this topic.