Talk:Kristin Juergens


Instructor comments on your draft units -- Jz833665 11:45, 1 May 2012 (EDT)


I'm pleased to see the units you've worked out. Nice work.

A few thing issues: 1. You used very general page titles (e.g. unit 1, unit 2), which have overwritten existing page created by others with the same names. I've changed your page titles (e.g. unit 1:xxx) and recovered the old pages of others. But it seems that your lessons in your unit 2 have overwritten your own pages because they are all called the same name. Please check and I hope you've these contents in your disk. If you don't, let me know and I will see if can you help you recover from the page's history. ( I had the warning of naming pages using unique names; it seems that you did not read it)

2. Objective: "To learn how to" is not an appropriate to describe the performance. Use a different verb that shows what the learner will be able to do AFTER this learning.

3. Add a wrap up and reflection section either in unit 2 or as a separate page, so help the participants pulling together the information and think about how to apply it to their practice.