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Feedback on Your Draft Unit -- Laura Bartlett 19:46, 27 November 2010 (EST)


It looks like you have undertaken a huge topic! I like how you keep your students engaged in the material with the pictures and the virtual tour of the acropolis. I'm a little curious what your focusing topic is, though. It seems like you are investigating effective technological tools to present this information, specifically as a case study instead of a mini-course. I've written some comments on your work thus far, guided by the Evaluation criteria.

  • Engagement and interaction - I think you provide ample opportunities for students to reflect on what they are learning throughout the course. However, how will you be monitoring those reflections?
  • Technical quality - your documents, pictures and webpages are all clear and easy to read. These will definitely be accessible to the student population you intend them for.
  • Instructional sequencing - I might recommend that you create a curriculum map to help you sequence the activities and content of your lessons. I did not do this initially, but created one before I started my draft unit and found it to be an immense help.

In all, I think you have an engaging online class for students. However, I would suggest scaling your project down a bit to focus on a specific "big idea" in education and how it would relate to these activities you are creating. You might even focus on online-based lessons or wiki creation and how it can help your students understand social studies even more. Likewise, it would probably be beneficial to include some of the literature on the phenomenon you are focusing on to explicate how your units embody it.


Instructor comments on your draft unit -- Jianwei Zhang 10:03, 28 November 2010 (EST) -- Jianwei Zhang 10:03, 28 November 2010 (EST) -- Jianwei Zhang 10:03, 28 November 2010 (EST)

The lessons are well designed. Please read the following instruction re. instructional case report. General_Suggestions_and_Feedback#What_issues_should_be_addressed_in_an_instructional_case_report

There are three things you need to add:

  1. In your portfolio before the lessons, you need to add a summary of your design rationale to lay out your major thinking implemented in the lessons, and particularly what sources you will have students use to what effect. Your design of having STUDENTS use multiple sources for inquiry could be stronger. Currently it is mostly the teacher using the graphics etc for showing information.
  2. In the beginning of each lesson, add the corresponding unit-level objectives.
  3. In the end of your portfolio, add a reflection paragraph to synthesize your success/failure and what other teachers may learn from this case.