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This course looks like it will be very beneficial for international students needing to take the TOEFL exam. Since you explained that many students have the most difficulty with writing, I think it is an excellent idea to focus on skills to improve TOEFL writing scores. I am glad to see that you eliminated some of the lessons because when I looked at your course before, I thought it would be too many units to tackle. I look forward to seeing the entire course, and I am sure this course can truly be used for foreign students wishing to study in the U.S. We survived five courses!! Enjoy your summer at home! Hope to see you online again! :)

- Melissa Filotas

Instructor comment on your analysis and ICM -- Jz833665 22:16, 3 May 2010 (EDT)

In your portfolio, you may add a section to summarize your design rationale: What instructional models or tools are you using in these lesson and why do you think these are appropriate and effective?

Some of the learning objectives need to be refined and better described.

  1. Given a comprehensive explanation on TOEFL ibt Independent Writing test requirements, students will acquire a better understanding towards the test requirements.

"acquire" does not seem to be a good performance-based term. You need to specify performance indicators of such understanding. (e.g., students can describe, explain???) The same issue with the following (and several other) objective statements

  2. After reading the independent writing rubrics, students will gain a clear concept on how the writings will be evaluated. 
1. Given a sample ibt writing piece and a comprehensive analysis on the writing structure, students will learn the structure pattern of an independent writing task.

The following one is well stated:

  2. Students will be able to identify the structure pattern of three given independent writing pieces.

I also want to make sure that you have read the following comment I posted earlier: Talk:He Zhou