Talk:Global Warming: An Instructional Case


Instructor feedback on your instructional case -- Jz833665 12:39, 27 April 2010 (EDT)

The lesson activities you've designed look very engaging and helpful. Nice thoughts. A few suggestions:

  • I have renamed ("move") your front page. A title like "mini-course" is very likely to be overwritten by someone who happens to use the same title.
  • For an instructional case like yours, you may better contextualize this case in the very beginning (front page) by informing what this case is about, in what context (student, classroom settings, content standards...), your instructional design ideas (e.g., fostering cross-disciplinary understanding through interactive inquiries...?), and what the readers (peer teachers) may learn from this case.
  • Your activity 1 and 2 in your unit 1: The current flow ("tone") of these activities reads a bit directive and assertive. May students be better engaged if you begin the activities with a summary of the current ongoing debate about whether global warming is a real problem, and then ask the students to develop and justify their perspectives by analyzing the evidence presented in the graphs, pictures, and video plus any additional important evidence they can find? So think about if you can begin with an anchoring context/challenge that is authentic to students as well to other members in the society.

-- Tamara Niquette 22:21, 7 May 2010 (EDT)

First of all - I love your topic. I think it is a valuable mini-course that could be used in both a classroom and by an individual who is just interested in the topic.

I'm sure you probably are still working on yours (as I am). I think your unit 1 design is set-up very well. I think it has good flow and gives a good view of the topic. I think, though, that if you want a user to go to a website you should add a link to it. I know this may sound silly but I have students and fellow teachers who would have a hard time finding the website to find their footprint (even though I do see that you give the website address - it is simple to include the link using the fourth button above when editing. Also, I think the main page could be more welcoming (though you are probably still working on this part).

Can't wait to see more! - Tamara