Talk:George Ryon's Portfolio


Instructor comment on your project focus -- Jz833665 13:33, 11 March 2011 (EST)

You've had a good beginning of this design project focusing on an important and interesting topic: designing theme-based, emergent curriculum for Kindergarteners. Here're a few suggestions:

  1. Since you're creating a set of lessons as an instructional case that will help teachers understand theme-based emergent curriculum design and implementation, you may want to add a paragraph to highlight what other teachers may learn from your project and provide additional readings (online materials) for them to find more about theme-based, emergent curriculum.
  2. Theme-based emergent curriculum also means to be cross-disciplinary and driven by student interest and understanding. So you may analyze the multidisciplinary nature of your focal theme and how you will build on student interest, experience, and unfolding understanding.
  3. Your Learning Outcomes section need to be more conceptual, to define the nature of the capabilities to be learned: verbal info, intellectual skills that demonstrate deep understanding of...
  4. Add a section to define target learning objectives following suggestions provided in Gagne' chapter of this week. The bulletined list currently provided under "learning outcomes" can be used as the basis to create performance-based learning objectives.
  5. catch up with your needs assessment and learning analysis soon, as these are critical and fundamental.

I expect that this will be a strong and productive design project.