Krystal Haight's Peer Feedback of Elizabeth's Mini-Course -- Khaight (talk) 15:48, 30 April 2016 (EDT)

Hi, Elizabeth!

First of all, THANK YOU for all of your wonderful contributions to our course this semester, and for providing me with excellent feedback on my own mini-course. I took a look at your portfolio page to get an overview of your focus/design process for your mini-course. Your work immediately grabbed my attention, as plagiarism is a major issue these days. In fact, a few of my students in middle school plagiarized earlier this year. Below is my feedback. I have to be honest, it was extremely difficult to come up with any suggestions for improvement! Overall, you have done a fabulous job, and reviewing your course has inspired me to make a few changes with my own design. Your work is concise, eloquent, yet accessible. In other words, it is thorough without being too wordy or redundant.

A list of qualities/characteristics that I think work especially well:

- It is super easy to navigate around your course. I love how you have provided links to move between pages quickly and effortlessly.

- Your use of formatting and images helps make your mini-course visually appealing.

- In particular, I found your quilt image on you mini-course homepage very welcoming and fitting!

- All of your objectives and assessments are wonderfully aligned.

- I love your inclusion of case studies! In particular, I think it was a terrific idea to include a video of a student and professor in Case Study #1.

A few ideas to consider:

- On your portfolio page, perhaps you could include a picture of yourself?

- On your portfolio page under “goals for this mini-course” the last goal has a bullet point instead of a small dot like the other ones. Was this on purpose? I am not sure whether or not you are emphasizing this goal or if it is just a minor formatting error.

- As I explored your course, I noticed that some of your headings have letters that are all capitalized. I am wondering instead of writing in all caps, perhaps you could simply make the word larger or colored differently? I think could make your course even more inviting. However, this is just a personal preference!

- I noticed that the directions state (in Module 1) to review all of the modules’ lessons prior to clicking on the case studies. Perhaps you could make these directions pop-out more to the learner by making the font larger and bolder? My eyes are drawn to the case studies before the modules due to the font size.