Talk:Digital Storytelling Course


Evaluation of your mini-course -- Tcutonilli 09:18, 2 December 2008 (EST)

Hi Cheyenne.

I think you have done a wonderful job! You took a topic that really involves a great deal of knowledge, and developed it into a straight-forward, to the point course that is easily understood. I believe you have achieved your stated objectives, and the course as written feels "personal" which is a nice touch. I could not get all the tutorials to work here at the school I teach at (blocked for some reason), but I wanted to give you an evaluation anyways:

As far as the specifics:

Learning Outcomes - clearly identified and are performance based,

Content-goal consistency - I was able to learn how to produce a digital story

Instructional sequencing - logical and everything built upon previously given material.

    NOTE: I would make note to have participants print out any tutorials to use as a handy reference they can refer back to.
    ALSO NOTE: One of the prerequisites for this mini-course should be a basic knowledge of computer use - this course would be difficult for someone with little/no computer experience.

Engagement and Interaction - very good, was prompted to perform tasks and visit resources. The use of example stories was interesting and created interest

Technical quality - very good, no issues

Extended resources - you made good use of outside resources to utilize for this course

I'm not sure I could offer any real advice - you did a great job. If there was one thing I would change, it would be to use larger or clearer screen shots of the digital stories used at the beginning of the units (this is minor in the grand scope of your lesson.

I enjoyed this lesson. I have made digital stories before for another graduate class, and this mini-course did a great job of how to make them.

If there is anything more specific that you would like for me to evaluate, let me know and I'll go through your course again.


Jianwei's comments on your overall design -- Jianwei Zhang 15:11, 6 December 2008 (EST)

Overall this is an excellent minicourse. It is very carefully designed. The contents are well sequenced with a clearly and easy flow. The example lesson plan is very helpful too.

Here is how it may be further improved:

(a) Can you provide some suggestions, in Unit III probably, on what kinds of instructional models/activities digital storytelling can support? The lesson plan and your unit III focus on preparing/requiring individual students to create digital stories. I guess there are other possible models, e.g., teacher presentation, collaborative group work, individual assignment. Are these mentioned anywhere in the references you've read?

(b) Each wikipage is a bit too long, making it hard to read. Especially after learners click a link to the discussion area or other pages and then come back, they may have forgotten where they were in this page. You may want to divide each unit into 2 pages (e.g., Unit 1: Part 1...). An implicit rule in webpage formating says that each page needs to be able to scroll down to its bottom within each clicks of the PageDown button.

These are just my suggestions. See if you can/want to do something along these lines.