Talk:Concept Mapping Across The Curriculum

Developmental Try Out by Elise Elise Weiss 21:44, 23 November 2009 (EST)

Hi Kelly -- Can this unit help me learn something meaningful and achieve the stated objectives?

I have to admit that I've already looked through your mini course here and there. I've been impressed with its development! To answer the above question: YES. Your unit certainly can help me learn something meaningful (and achieve the stated objectives). I can say this with ease because I've spent some time on reviewing the concept maps and seeing how they work. Your instructional map is easy to read, graphic, and flows.

The course is engaging and appealing to the eye -- it draws you in. I love the "moving check marks" How do I do that? Although I love your graphics on each course, have you thought about keeping them consistent throughout the course so that it seems 'together' as opposed to 'isolated pages' or perhaps having them stand alone is a great feature... not sure.. The way you have the consistent check marks is a highlight

Introduction was clear - with great facts that get attention. I had trouble keeping my first page short.... I also find the questions you ask under UNIT 1 and so forth focusing... can that be consistent throughout? Asking key questions?

Great examples: KWL, VENN Diagram,and CONCEPT MAPS -- I use the examples already but your course offers a catalog of useful graphics.... Your links to CMAP tools is also effective. I've seen in other courses to place reminders to "hit the back button" after viewing the pages so that one does not get lost.

I really think you cover all the bases and then some. Your portfolio page is also engaging and helpful in directing me back to the course yours was developed from.

I will spend some more time with it now and be back.... As I am going through the course... am I missing any media? Was there a video to go to? Maybe using the site that the Dr. Zhang suggested can help you find a good one to show concept maps in use....? The learning log feature was good as well. Good questions to organize learning... as suggested to me could you add headings for each of the questions?

A lot of the evaluation criteria seems to fall on engagement and it was suggested to me to have less text and more engagement activities/visuals/ etc.

Really Kelly -- what a useful collection of tools to use for the LD with specific strategies on how to effectively implement. --Elise

less text -- Sandy Feocco 21:01, 29 November 2009 (EST)

Kelly, It's obvious you have put a lot of effort and time into this wiki assignment. You have great graphics such as the star for activities, the checkmarks, the school.

You did a great job of providing plenty of great examples of the various mapping designs and the uses for each.

The discussion page is a great idea as well as the activities page.

Some suggestions: Although you offer enticing facts in the intro, I would have liked a video or two that would have engaged the viewer in further discussion about concept maps or how and when to use them. We are not all visual learners so auditory examples provide a good balance.

It seems text heavy but that can change if instead of providing all the info on one page, you provide a title with a link. For example you could have a title that said "performance objectives" and if someone was interested they could click on it for more information. You could do this throughout each unit in various ways to reduce the overwhelming visual of text only. Another idea would be to provide only a few examples of concept maps and include the others under the area you already have titles "click here for more samples"

Love the link to c-map tools as this provides a lot of support. Overall you have done a great job at covering the topic...with a little less text for aesthetic purposes your mini course will be engaging and awesome! Sandy