Talk:Career Exploration Mini-Course


Instructor feedback on your course as an instructional case -- Jz833665 16:46, 29 April 2010 (EDT)

Hi Sarah,

As you have realized, the immediate user of this course you're designing will be teachers, who will understand your design rationale and purpose, see its value, learn something from it, and adopt it in their classrooms. So in the front page, you may elaborate your design rationale (pedagogical thinking of the content, method, processes) and context in which this course may be applied. In each unit, you may have specific information that help the teachers (e.g., their role in a lesson etc).

Please read the following guideline in structuring your pages:


Move along, and let me know when you need my further look.

Hey Sarah,

This seems like a great unit. I would be interested in presenting this at the beginning of the year to 7th graders to emphasize the importance and necessity of social studies.

The learning outcomes are clear. I would include an activity or brief discussion on competition in the job market and the differences in standard of living between different wages. Some of this will be a little intense for certain classrooms, but I think that it is important to instill a sense of urgency when discussing careers.

The course provides a variety of activities and media that help students to meet course objectives, including effective questioning and web-based activities.

The sequencing is clear and logical. I might consider switching the career profile and educational background units, as it may be beneficial for students to discover which careers they are most suited for and then research the educational requirements. Basic prerequisites are identified.

Effective questioning and engaging activities enchance the instruction overall.

The site is well-built. I couldn't find the "Exploring Careers" presentation and Unit IV is still in development, but otherwise there weren't any issues. It is possible that the presentation was too big to upload, which was the case with my Digital Storybook Project Introduction Video, despite my best attempts.

Extended resources are useful and linked. They are an important part of the unit and used effectively.

I may come back to post more comments. Nice work.