Talk:Brianna Angevine Mini-Course: Writing Strategies for Students with Emotional Disturbances


-- Gattinello (talk) 14:56, 30 April 2016 (EDT)

Hi Brianna! Here is your feedback for the developmental try-out.

What works well…

- Your overall performance objectives are clear

- Your discussion board works and is great! It definitely promotes interaction! Sorry I meant to type Ms. Angevine, not just your last name. I wanted to try it out, please delete it if you can! Sorry!

-excellent discussion questions

-your headings are a good size

-all your links work and direct you to the correct page

Have you considered this…

Introduction Page

- Be sure to include pictures or graphics to grab your readers attention

- Add the title of your mini course

- Also, try to write a little blurb/introduction on this page to welcome your participants and give an overview of the course.

- Under each unit, put the learning objectives for each unit

Unit pages

- I am not sure of each of your unit objectives. Be sure to include those on both your portfolio and introduction page.

- Will each unit have 3 lessons? Be sure to stick to your objectives and not overload the participant. I know the first unit has a lot of necessary background information.

- In your unit 1, lesson 1 there is no assignment or activity. Try to add in some sort of assessment of content here. Most of your activities are reflections, be sure you are assessing the content as well. Maybe ask participants to come up with their own definition of emotional disturbance.

I know you are not done, but remember to add extended resources!

Nice Work!