Talk:Blogs in the Literacy Classroom


Jeanne's Developmental Tryout of Amanda's Mini Course: review of Mini Course -- Jeanne M. Weber (talk) 13:35, 28 April 2013 (EDT)

Evaluation: Mini-course Blogs in the Literacy Classroom

After reading over the agenda and evaluation criteria, here are my comments specifically regarding the Mini Course page. As I commented on your portfolio page, overall, I felt that this course has the potential to be of benefit to the target participants, i.e. literacy teachers. I have made few suggestions that as a potential participant, I felt might make the experience better. The idea of blogging to enhance literacy is very intriguing, I may very well be revisiting this page next year. Looking forward to seeing the other two units developed.


Engaging image, clear overall objective

Performance Objectives:

Clearly stated, reasonable and relevant


  • Appears to have a reasonable order/sequence of activities and goals.

Unit 1:

  • Statements are concise and provide clear overview
  • Helpful guiding questions – keep the “bigger picture” and focus in the mind of the participant
  • Good idea having a link to return to main course page. (I am 'stealing' that!)
  • Activities:
  • Concern: That is a LOT of reading, browsing, watching etc. before any actual processing is suggested. I would assume that teachers would automatically 'know' to take notes or otherwise process large volumes of information, but... Recommendation: suggest participants begin a journal or graphic organizer to collect relevant info – something that could be used as a guide later to focus their reflection
  • Share - Reflection question – This supports the participant by discussing thoughts/ideas with other participants and helps the participant to see themselves using blogs, helps them connect the information to their classroom & students' needs
  • Experiment:
  • Concern: The blog sites suggested are all a little different and have different requirements (for instance: some require user accounts w/ emails and many students in the younger elementary grades do not yet have emails; also, Edmodo is more of a learning 'environment' with blog features) This activity provides little direction and might be overwhelming to a total newbie – Recommendation: maybe suggest that they not just “take a look at” but actually research (links provided by you or on their own) customer reviews and tutorials before choosing one to use? Or, to limit the stress, you might select only the easiest one to set up and use for the class experiment, then offer the other sites later as alternatives, once they have the confidence of a successful trial.