Talk:Alicia Fernandez Portfolio

Nice beginning -- Janewilde (talk) 16:16, 18 February 2014 (EST)

Hi Alicia, You are off to a strong start. I love the image. There are two things that I would like you to add to the first section. First and most important. I want you to address "outcomes" as I define them in my study guide last week. These are the big idea goals related to the type of learning you want your students (teachers) to gain. Take a look at the study guide and let me know if you need help.

The second thing to think about as you describe your topic is to consider why it is an important topic. One or two sentences would help. If you decide to put this in your needs assessment rather than here, its fine - just make sure you tell us why. Jane

Alicia, first off I really like your topic. To be honest I find my students vocabulary to be horrendous and definitely would like to find ways in which to improve it. Your lesson is very organized and easy to find information and glide through. Are there going to be any activities to complete during each unit? -Samantha Schwartz