Talk:Academic Intervention Services in Mathematics


Instructor comments on your project -- Jz833665 14:12, 24 March 2012 (EDT)

This mini-course is addressing an important need that has been well justified. The three objectives of learning will guide your productive design in the next steps. A few suggestions:

  • Re. the following three objectives, you may want to specify math for each. Objective #2 can be more specific, e.g. to create and design effective... in a way that can improve student understanding...?? Objective 3 will particularly integrate formative assessment that can generate feedback to improvement student learning.
accurately describe and understand what AIS services are, what they require and why we need them.
create and design AIS instruction in accordance to their curriculum.
determine a grading scale and process for the assessment of student progress in an AIS course.
  • Your objective 2 will be addressed through your unit 2, which is the most important part of this mini-course that needs deep thoughts and review of literature. I assume you will provide basic principles about effective teaching approaches for AIS math that may integrate differentiated instruction, diagnostic assessment, teaching for understanding, etc.
  • Your unit 3 is closely related to unit 2. As noted above, such assessment is not only about grading but provide formative assessment and feedback.

Instructor comments on your draft unit -- Jz833665 23:21, 28 April 2012 (EDT)

Your course front/intro page reads very well, engaging and purposeful. I notice that your unit 1 has a lot of text prepared. I guess you will organize the information and make it more engaging. Please then finish the rest of the course and add navigation links in the end of each page so the participant can move through your course unit by unit.

BTW: I've changed the title of your course to fully spell out AIS.

Beth Cohn Comment

I think it does need more pictures but it is very clearly written. I loved the websites you put into unit 2. I am going to use them. I would suggest putting a link to Khan Academy. It also allows you to have students do activities online and you can track their progress as a coach. You can see what they have accomplished and how much more work they need to do to be proficient. It allows for students to go at their own pace and work on whatever they need help with.

Good work so far. I look forward to seeing the rest of it! Beth