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Susan Towey ETAP 623 Spring 2009


I have chosen to use the online program for my wiki lesson.

I created an animation for a class last fall and really enjoyed it. I developed a lesson using this program to create political cartoons for a Social Studies teacher at my school. Wait for the page to load and the click the play button. To return to this page click the back arrow button.

My 7th grade daughter created one on Global Warming for her Social Studies Class. Her animation has a lot more movement than mine (watch as the people float to the surface). Kids do figure these things out quicker than adults.



Our students are facing a world in which careers will be integrated with technology at almost every skill level. A major challenge for educators is to integrate the use of technology in the classroom. Today and in the future many new careers will be created to meet the needs of our technologically advancing society. As educators we need to prepare all students for a society that is technologically advancing exponentially. This means that all students should have their lessons integrated with technology. Students need to be able to use email to communicate with their teachers for various reasons such as sending a paper to a teacher, or to have the skills to create a web-based project to show understanding of a concept. More familiarity with these programs will create a sense of confidence in the students to explore new programs as they are developed.

I would like to give the students the option to complete the autobiographical assignment in a traditional way or non-tradtionally by creating an outline and then create an animation of their incident using the goanimate website.

What is to be learned

Using the website, this professional development course designed to enhance instuction. Upon completion of this course, individuals who work in education, i.e. teachers, administrators, counselors, social workers, speech pathologists and psychologist’s will have the ability to create an animation on the website. Individuals will learn what animation is and how id can be used in the classroom. Lastly teachers will be able to create lesson plans to be used in their classroom on a topic in their discipline.

Learning Audience

The audience for this course will be teachers, administrators, counselors, social workers, speech pathologists, and psychologists.

Learning Content

Performance Objectives

By the end of the course, teachers will have the skills to create animation using the GoAnimate website and be able to develop lesson plans that can be implemented in the classroom.

• What is

• How can enhance instruction?

• How to create a GoAnimate story?

• How will you integrate into lessons?


Unit I

Exhibit understanding of what is and its instructional uses:

 Develop a list of uses/benefits for

Unit II

Exhibit ability to use

 Demonstrate the ability to create an account for

 Demonstrate the ability to create an animation choosing an appropriate background.

 Demonstrate the ability add characters to the animation

 Demonstrate understanding of "Stuff" go animate; community; and my stuff)

 Demonstrate ability to appropriately add text to animation.

 Demonstrate the ability to add movement, expressions, and use of props.

 Demonstrate the ability to add music and appropriate timing to animation.

 Demonstrate the ability to save animation and understand use of tags and save options.

 Demonstrate ability to interface with Facebook, MySpace, etc

Unit III

Exhibit an understanding of integrating into a lesson.

 Determine how digital storytelling could be used at various levels and subject areas.

 Create lesson plans using in a particular content area.


Susan Towey

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