Suggestions for Course Taking in the CDIT program


This is my personal and general advice only! There is no strict order/sequence embedded in the courses unless it is specially noted that a course has prerequisite courses. But you may consider some general principles:

  • Start with general, introductory courses on learning, teaching, and curriculum (e.g., etap 518, 519, 621, 623, 580 ), before you choose specialized courses.
  • Specialized courses include two types: learning and teaching in special areas (math, science, language), and different technology tools (e.g., Internet, multimedia, video). Whichever of these two aspects is weaker for you, you should choose related courses to build up your knowledge base as early as possible.
  • While focusing on the teaching of your subject area, you may choose one or two courses related to other subject areas to broaden your scope and see far connections.
  • Take one of the capstone research courses (etap 680/681) in the last semester to advance your research thinking and skills as applied to your professional context.