Student lead classroom model


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Docendo discimus, "by teaching, we learn"

Seneca the Younger

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Welcome to my mini course. In this mini course we will tackle the topic of student led activities in the classroom. For generations teachers have stood in front of the class leading the learning process. Let's try something different. When students take on the role of the teacher, by leading classroom activities and delivering the material, the student has to have a much deeper UNDERSTANDING of the material in order to properly explain it to the class.

The title of this mini-course is “Student Led Classroom Activities”. The goal of this mini course is to help teachers, especially at the college level, in the implementation of new pedagogy practices into their current teaching curriculum. The idea behind student led classroom activities is that the more the students are engaged in the material the better the students understanding of the material. One of the most enveloping ways for a student to engage the material is if they take on the role of teacher and the student begins to teach the class.

Because this is a daunting idea I have developed this mini-course to show teachers in stages how simple it is to implement “student led activities” in the classroom, starting with small changes to your classroom activities, and culminating in the creation of brand new activities led by your students.

We begin by talking about what your assumptions are and then you are asked to begin constructing your own knowledge using readings and video material supplied by me. There will many group activities in this lesson where you will have the opportunity to bounce your learning, thinking, understanding, and ideas off of your colleagues who will also be taking this course. And each lesson culminates with a reflective writing assignment where you will write about your expereince and learning in the each lesson.

And remember, the studen led classroom is not a path for you(the teacher) to do less, but for you to move into a new role as your students engage the material more!

Lessons and Learning Outcomes

LESSON ONE What is a student led activity?

Learning Outcomes

  • You will be able to explain what a student lead classroom activity is.
  • You will learn the major concepts and characteristics that discriminate a student lead classroom from a teacher lead classroom.

LESSON TWO Create your own student led activity

Learning Outcomes

  • You will be able to take a traditional classroom activity and make small changes to it, to begin to transform it into a student led activity.
  • You will be able to develop a student led activity from scratch

LESSON THREE How do I assess a student led activity

Learning Outcomes

  • You will develop a tool from scratch to assess student led activities by using your own ideas, expanding those ideas in groups, and solidifying those ideas with the rest of the class.