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I am a math teacher currently living in Boston. I work in the Boston Public Schools at a high school named Another Course to College where I teach Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Since my school is a full inclusion school, I also have my certifications in ESL and SPED and am very interested in the teaching and learning of these special populations of students.


I attended Union College where I studied mathematics with a focus on pure mathematics. After completing my degree at Union, I moved to Cambridge to work on my degree in teaching math at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Now, I've begun work on my doctorate in the ETAP department at the University of Albany where I hope to study technology and math education.

Online Resources for Math Teachers

Here are some of my favorite websites to use while teaching. I like to use one or two video clips per day to engage my students in learning, make connections to the real-world and also help teach them how to use web sources in mathematics.

Math TV

Brain Pop!