Sample Formative Assessment


Sample Formative Assessment

By Janice Correa

“Dental Assisting Module-How To Instruct Your Patient On Preventive Oral Hygiene”

Quiz: Lesson One-Preventive Oral Hygiene Basics

Multiple Choice: Choose the best answer to the following questions by selecting a, b, c, or d from the list of answers provided.

1) Plaque is made up of____

a. visible masses of harmful germs that is hard to remove

b. hard deposits that cannot be removed by floss

c. invisible masses of harmful germs that stick to teeth

d. food stains that can be brushed away

2) Tartar is ____

a. calculus and can be removed easily

b. plaque and must be removed by regular brushing and flossing

c. a deposit that does not absorb stain

d. a hardened form of plaque this is removed by a professional

3) Gum or Periodontal Disease ____

a. stains teeth

b. is only caused by smoking

c. is not preventable

d. causes bleeding gums and tooth loss

4) Preventive Oral Hygiene includes ____

a. proper home maintenance of the oral cavity

b. regular dental exam and professional cleanings

c. proper nutrition and overall health

d. all of the above

5) Heart Disease can be linked to ____

a. bad breath

b. poor oral health

c. smokers only

d. all of the above

6) The dental team is responsible for ____

a. providing patient transportation to the dental appointment

b. giving the patient a free toothbrush at every visit

c. providing POH education

d. telling the dentist when the patient isn’t flossing

7) Dental Phobias are ____

a. not real and are over rated

b. are real and effect dental experiences

c. are from the movies

d. cannot be from childhood dental experiences

8) The best start for a dental assistant to role model POH to the patient is by ____

a. having own good POH habits and sharing recommended POH routines

b. showing the patient dental posters

c. demonstrating on a mouth model

d. telling the patient to look it up on a YouTube video

9) Diabetes, Blood Disorders and Heart Disease ____

a. are all detected through the dental exam

b. are not curable

c. are several conditions that may impact oral health

d. can be contagious from unsterile instruments

10) The patient can overcome dental phobias by ____

a. visiting a trusted dental team for regular preventive dental visits

b. taking valium prior to each dental appointment

c. paying extra for laughing gas before any dental fillings

d. never seeing a dentist

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